Aptos 10.11 Released

Aptos 10.11 is now available. As is now standard, this is available in two different release streams : Aptos 10.11 under Uniface 9.6 and Aptos 10.11 under Uniface 9.7.

Working From Home

If you are planning to Work with Aptos from Home (and have not done so before):- Firstly you must connect to your office network or PC. The method for doing this will vary per customer.  For example you might have VPN/DirectAccess or remote control software such as TeamViewer or RealVNC. Please consult with your local […]

Aptos 10.10 Released

Aptos 10.10 is now available. This will being released in two distinct streams: Aptos under Uniface 9.6 Aptos under Uniface 9.7 The first stream, under Uniface 9.6, is like any previous Aptos 10 release. You can download and install this yourselves. The second stream, under Uniface 9.7, introduces support for new platforms for customers that […]