APTOS Add-On Reporting Solutions


B-Plan Information Systems offers a range of Aptos Add-On reporting and enquiry tools, designed to deliver relevant information in the most appropriate format for each user. All reporting and analytic outputs are XML based enabling the outputs to be delivered either through a traditional corporate LAN or via the Web.

Data Extract Services (DES)

Data Extract Services (DES) is an intelligent application that ‘understands’ the structure of the a database offering a simple and easy to use database query tool for accessing, interrogating, manipulating and managing vast amounts of business-critical information. Each report written in DES can be published to a number of formats including Microsoft Excel (via EAS), Client Side Reporting (CSR) and Management Information Desktop (MID3). This enables each report to be presented in the most appropriate format for each individual user, while decreasing the number of reports the institution needs to maintain. A sophisticated security model ensures each user can only access data appropriate to their security permissions.



EAS enables users working in Microsoft Excel direct, secure, real-time access to information.


The user is not limited to running simple queries – even complex queries from multiple data tables can easily be performed – making sure the right information is available at the right time to the right person using the right technology. At the heart of EAS is the concept of authorship and publishing. Queries are generated by authors and then published to the user community for use via an Excel add-in.

This design, combined with sophisticated security controls, also enables a single query to be used on different data by different users.

Management Information Desktop (MID³)


Management Information Desktop (MID³) delivers information to an interactive reporting environment empowering users to manipulate and model data. A flexible pivot / OLAP cube, MID3 provides a drag and drop user interface that allows data objects to be added or removed from a view in order to “spin” the results to create differing aspects of the information and expand results to show the most appropriate level of detail. Source information is driven from Data Extract Services (DES) allowing unparalleled access to data. Tabular data can be combined with graphical representations to aid understanding and analysis. Full security controls are maintained throughout ensuring access privileges are never under-mined. Custom views can be saved for later use.

Client Side Reporting (CSR)

Client Side Reporting (CSR) provides a cost effective and secure delivery platform for the immediate deployment of live management information and reports. Enterprise wide licensing for the CSR Report Viewer ensures availability of information across an institution, promoting corporate accountability and governance.

CSR Designer enables report designers to create highly formatted reports, designed to reflect specific organisation needs and branding. Each report can then be published to appropriate users or groups of users, ensuring CSR Report Viewer provides a personalised set of reports designed to meet the needs of each individual user.

Reports can be viewed on-line, sent to a printer, or exported to

a variety of formats including Excel, HTML, CSV, RTF and PDF amongst others.

CSR is part of B-Plan’s Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development strategy. B-Plan’s RIA delivers feature rich web deployable applications that combine the strengths of both the desktop application domain and browser based clients whilst liberating the user from their respective constraints.