APTOS- Corporate Finance & Accounting


Aptos Enterprise Financials is a modern financial management software solution with a proven heritage. Aptos delivers real advantages to organisations through its marriage of imaginative technology use with real business logic.

Some of the key attributes of Aptos are as follows:

  • Integrated – All modules of Aptos are truly integrated in real time, meaning data is keyed once only, stored in a single location and made available to all relevant software modules and users as appropriate. All balances and transaction records are updated in real time and are available for immediate reporting and enquiry. Aptos is also supplied with Aptos OpenLink, an integration engine, to facilitate the exchange of data with 3rd party systems.

  • Scalable – Aptos is a robust and scalable solution in active use at small organisations with a handful of users and large multi-site organisations with many hundreds of users. As Aptos is modular by design each organisation only needs to adopt, and hence pay for, functionality it requires for its operation.

  • Flexible – Aptos provides a parameter driven and flexible software solution enabling organisation specific data and processes to be configured with ease. Screen customisation functionality enables institutions to define functional screens fully customised for differing groups of users and their specific requirements. Aptos Business Process Automation (workflow) facilitates the design, management and tracking of automated business processes. Through an intuitive graphical interface organisations can define, manage and monitor their own custom processes and controls to deliver continuous process improvement.

  • Secure – Aptos provides a sophisticated and flexible organisation specified security layer that controls both access to application functionality and the availability of data. In addition to this Aptos provides the facility for any field in any table to be audited as required. Aptos can also be integrated with LDAP or Active Directory Services to facilitate single sign on.

  • Easy to Use – Aptos has been designed with the user in mind. The software is designed to be intuitive for new users and there is a consistent look and feel throughout the solution enabling user skills to be transferred across software modules with minimal user training.

  • Efficient – The integrated nature of Aptos, the ability to customise screens to fit specific processes and the adoption of Business Process Automation (workflow) enables institutions to deliver efficient financial management. Furthermore the tools included with Aptos enable processes to monitored and refined to maximise these efficiencies.

  • Accessible – Aptos empowers the organisation with its class leading reporting and analytics capabilities, by making the right information available, securely to the right people, in the right place at the right time. Aptos Business Intelligence Tools are an example of a modern Rich Internet Application (RIA), that deliver feature rich web deployable applications combining the strengths of both the desktop application domain and browser based clients whilst liberating the user from their respective constraints.