We have built a team of dedicated professionals over many years working on our own products and solutions.

Those solutions led naturally to partnering other companies where other technologies and solutions were a good fit for our own. We are now in a position to start sharing too. With our diverse team we can offer services across the board. Take a peek on what we can do below but , even if it’s not listed, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements further.


We have the building blocks; if we can help we will help.

Project Management

As a result of years of experience and expertise utilising various methodologies, including Prince2, deployment of major projects can be delivered swiftly.

Database Services

B-Plan world class consultants provide services and support for Oracle and SQL Server databases. Whether you need help with a specific project like disaster recovery planning and testing or require database cover whilst your own staff are on holiday or off sick then we can help.


We have a large portfolio of training courses for our Corporate Finance system and also offer courses for Excel alongside our Addin tool, EAS, which extracts data from a database into a spreadsheet for further analysis and reporting.

Custom Development

Don't make do with what you have. If there is a smarter way to do something then chances are we can help you achieve it.


We take great pride in our customer focused approach and welcome all opportunities to work alongside you to enhance your business efficiency.

System Health Check

Review current working practices and procedures with a view to improve and optimise from functional and technical perspectives.