Aptos 10.13 Released

Aptos 10.13 is now available. As is now standard, this is available in two different release streams : Aptos 10.13 under Uniface 9.6 and Aptos 10.13 under Uniface 9.7. Please ensure you download the correct version to match your setup from  www.b-plan.com. If you are unsure as to which to download please contact B-Plan support. […]

Aptos 10 Release 12b

Interim Patch containing the following fixes :- Manual Payment OpenLink rejecting payments that are for non GL accounts. Uniface 9.6 problem only – Payment Run fix to allow a payment run to be created from a manual payment request. Payment Runs with Discounts on causing application error. Extra Fields added to the BACS Remittance Report […]

Aptos 10 Release 12a

Interim Patch containing fixes for PO Import Journals creating incorrect RTA journals. BACS Remittance Report displaying incorrect values for discounts on credit notes. Correction to the Invoice Registration screen when suppliers are on hold.

APTOS 10.11 – MTD Fraud Header Update Released

Aptos Bespoke Patch AP100011PCR9460 is now available to include latest MTD VAT Fraud headers. As is the standard now this is is available in two different release streams : Aptos 10.11 under Uniface 9.6 and Aptos 10.11 under Uniface 9.7 This patch is backward compatible with AP100009 and AP100010 under Uniface 9.6 and AP100010 under […]